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Why You Might Need Mold Removal in West Hollywood

3/20/2015 (Permalink)

West Hollywood, CA, enjoys a warm climate with only about half the national average rainfall, rain expected on less than one day a month, and with plenty of sunshine. Although sunlight kills off many molds, West Hollywood often has high humidity levels and is not immune to the floods, water leaks and poor ventilation, which create the conditions in which mold, can thrive in any home. If you detect a moldy odor or see a patch of mold, then you need to take steps to deal with it, which may involve calling in a professional mold removal service.

What is mold?

A mold is a living organism, which is a type of fungus. Molds derive energy from digesting the material they live on and in nature they work to break down all sorts of dead organic matter such as leaves, trees and dead animals. They can also feed on any suitable matter in your home such as wood, carpet, paper, leather, cotton, drywall, and food items, if the conditions are right.

Molds generally like warmth and they need moisture. This is why they frequently appear after a flood and they are commonly seen in bathrooms with insufficient ventilation. Molds reproduce by releasing tiny spores, which are too small to be seen with the naked eye. If the spores land somewhere suitable, that is warm and wet for at least 24 hours, they can start to grow and a colony will soon appear.

Toxic molds

There are thousands of different species of molds, which are relatively harmless, but there are over a dozen types that are referred to as toxic molds. They release mycotoxins, which are injurious to human and animal health. Many types of mold can adversely affect people who suffer from respiratory problems, but toxic molds can affect anybody, although young children and the elderly are the most vulnerable.

Dealing with mold

If you find a small patch of mold in your home and none of your family appears to be suffering from any unusual symptoms, you can use several substances to remove the mold yourself. Bleach kills nearly all forms of mold you are likely to find indoors but it cannot penetrate into porous materials and so is most effective against molds growing on non-porous surfaces such as tiles or countertops. Borax, vinegar and baking soda are all useful in dealing with mold. Using vinegar and baking soda together provides an effective combination as they each kill different types of mold. A regular spray of a diluted vinegar solution will also prevent mold regrowth.

If you discover extensive mold growth or are concerned that you may have been affected by a toxic mold, you need to obtain specialist help. It is important that any toxic mold removal is undertaken with a view to the safety of the operatives as well as the usual occupants of the building concerned, and that steps are taken to fully eradicate the mold and inhibit future growth. Once your mold has gone, you can relax and get back to enjoying the delightful climate of West Hollywood. 

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