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Los Angeles Air Conditioning Units May Require Mold Removal

3/20/2015 (Permalink)

With less than half the average annual rainfall of the United States as a whole and an expectation of nearly three hundred sunny days, you might expect there to be little need for Los Angeles, CA. However, in 2006, American Risk Management Resources looked at insurance claims relating to mold damage in all 50 states and ranked California in the top ten.  It seems that climate is not in itself a major determinant factor in mold growth, rather, tightly sealed buildings that do not provide sufficient ventilation trap condensation and deliver optimum conditions for mold.              

The major reason for sealing a building is to allow control of the indoor air quality through the use of air conditioning. Air conditioning units themselves can provide an environment for molds to thrive if they are not regularly serviced and kept clean.

To grow, a mold has three requirements; moisture, warmth and a source of food.

Air conditioning systems create temperature differences, which permit condensation to occur. That is why they have moisture pans, to collect the condensation. When your A/C is not running, temperatures rise, creating warmth. Dust and dander caught within the system provides the food that molds can eat. If a mold takes hold within your A/C, its spores and mycotoxins, which can be harmful to health, are spread further around you home when the A/C is running.

Regular maintenance of your A/C can help to eliminate one or more of the three conditions and so inhibit mold growth. A more efficient filtration system will reduce the amount of dust particles that become trapped and feed molds. Before new filters are fitted, have the ductwork cleaned to get rid of dust already there and then remember to clean the filters on a regular basis.  Changing or cleaning the filters of your A/C also helps to keep it running at maximum efficiency which saves a little on your electricity bill. In addition, insulating the external air ducts can reduce the condensation that is produced and so minimize the moisture available to any molds.

If you suspect that you have mold growth in any part of your air conditioning system, perhaps because you have detected a moldy odor but have been unable to locate its source, you should call for professional help. Safe and effective mold removal is a specialized business. It is important that adequate safety measures are in place to contain the mold before it is disturbed and to prevent further contamination. Professional technicians will have access to the proper protective clothing, and use the fungicides necessary to remove the mold along with air scrubbers to clean the spores from the air as far as possible.  They will also be in a position to advise you on how to prevent the mold returning and try to keep your Topanga Canyon home out of the statistics for mold damage claims. 

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